a fancy poem about being left on “read.”

I have nothing to say to you today

and I act like this will be the last word

as if you could fill it up with words and phrases

because speaking to you feels like shouting into the void.

each word reads like a promise

or a declaration

a promise so big

because as humans we want to cover all the bases

like we can reach the bottom line

that brings security and all of these other life affirming desires to life and there’s nothing you ever have to leave behind.


in the thick of it,

these are just words on a high-resolution phone

swiped with a flick of my finger like it was dancing around you

but the screen is only a platform for finger prints and it’s cracked in several places

and i have a thing about finger prints on an electronic device

and the worst thing of all,

these words holding all of my meaning and promise and understanding

with an emoji thrown in for good measure and for you to think i’ve got better things to do than to analyze and vigorously try to understand is the all too often chance..

you’ll leave me on “read.”



my light is always on-


i wish you’d let me in

and i wish the days weren’t marked

by your words or thoughts and i’m wondering if you

find this as bothersome,

as my broken heart and waking up with it each day


confusion is marked by words of love

and words of hate, all dreamt in my own head,

but i’ll never turn my light off

i’m leaving it on for you-

to change the bulb or let it burn out

whatever you want